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All that counts is how people vote with their wallets. And the reality is that the expensive Lipo gig is up. The generics are now prevalent at the field, and the local LHS are also catching on to the wisdom of ordering HK / Gens Ace / Rhino / Blue etc and reselling to hobbyists. Two years ago, the owner of the LHS told me that he'd never carry "cheap Chinese packs" and that he only carried TP because it was the best. I was in there 2 weeks ago and the display case was full of Turnigy and Zippy. The few remaining Thunderpowers were in a box marked "closeout". Same applies to ESCs and motors. Like any generic product, you trade some performance for a big price drop. Run this stuff well within spec, and you will be happy with it and it will last many cycles.

Competitive events such as Pattern, F3A, pylon, high power EDF etc are another matter. Here, the premium packs will make a difference and are worth the extra cost to competitors.

My personal experience is with the various HK brands and 3 Thunder Power packs purchased early on. The TP stuff has simply not held up well. Capacity is down and power is lacking. I fly only Turnigy / Zippy at this point and I am very happy with performance.
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