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Originally Posted by Byrdwyngs View Post
Was the throttle stick all the way down? Whenever mine doesn't finish binding I usually find I've bumped the throttle stick up a bit.
yup, first thing I checked Byrdwyngs (cos it was the only idea I had )

Originally Posted by stonecutter View Post
Binding problems after a crash (even seemingly innocuous ones) often are due to damaged crystal. They can be replaced, with some soldering, if you have a good one on hand. Folks have ordered replacement crystals on ebay and had success (e.g., Daryoon posted that a while back). I had done a few replacements myself, with good crystals from bad rx's (bad gyro), hit or miss as far as initial polarity match, but I found that even if you guessed wrong, there's no damage from mismatch (just more work on your part).
thanks stonecutter, but this noob doesn't even know what (or where) the crystal is. Got a pic?... and maybe instructions on how to remove, source and resolder?

One more - rather remote, I think - possibility. My heli isn't a V911, it's a jamara e-rix 100 pro. Same heli, but I don't yet know if they're TX-compatible as I'm picking up my first V911 from customs tomorrow.

Anyway, I had bought a used DH 9116 TX to fly my V911s (more on order ) with. It had already been set up to use with the V911 and I decided to try and see if it would bind to the e-rix. This was the 1st time I'd tried to bind any TX to it since the crash, but trying this couldn't POSSIBLY have caused it to not recognise the stock TX any more... could it? Afraid I know slightly less than nothing about RC technology. I'm more mechanically minded, cos I can see things and don't have to think too hard...

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