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Originally Posted by phoenix racing View Post
I am sorry yours turned up damaged but I can't agree that the packaging is poor, very few Zephyr's have suffered any sort of damage in transit, the model is packed into a proper molded styrene holder that is shaped for the various components and the outer box is very sturdy.....basically, any model will get damaged if some idiot courier or postie treats it badly enough.
Phoenix Racing -- first of all I do enjoy your Hobby King demonstration videos and I understand your duty to support Hobby King in the forums. However this is a clear cut issue of container design. Simply put, there is not enough crush space on the ends of the container to withstand the pressure from the mass of other boxes stacked on top of one another in shipping - especially if the box is set on end at the bottom of a pile boxes in a container.

When you look closely at the photo from this review
The photo reveals that the fuselage has been pressed into both ends of the foam -- a clear dimple at the nose and also cracking int he packing at the tail. Picture the box placed on end with a stack of other boxes above it in a shipping container. That fuselage becomes a supporting pillar. This crush pressure is evident from undamaged model.

This is not the result of an idiot courier (for once) - because the damage is consistent in each case (not that there are not others) rather than a random hole here and broken part there. This damage could as easily have occurred between the manufacturer and Hobby King's loading docks, or when stacked their warehouse as while int he post as there was no external signs of damage. The fuselage is simply not designed to support weight like a pillar, which is apparently what's happening.

Hopefully Hobby King will double box future shipments (both of mine were single) so there is adequate crush space on the ends.

EDIT: I'm not going to respond further except to report when replacement parts are received. I don't appreciate flames or duels in the forums, and won't participate in one. The bottom line is the Zephyr is a great aircraft -- perhaps the model of the year. :-) No corners were cut with them model itself, it's just a shame that container does not offer more protection.

EDIT#2: Hobby King did replace my damaged merchandise with a new Kit.
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