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Originally Posted by 3dBuster View Post
Hi Aviefly !

Yeah , it really makes the difference on flying , at least for me .

Flying our little toys we use two fingers , and to think we can be very precise and have a steady hand is bit hard.. so a stable platform for your radio makes a lot of difference , more then you would think ((:

About the heater , yes I did LOL... I was flying in Korea last year , it was -5.. high wind.. that thing was magic I tell y'a..

And yes , with the Tray you get all you need !

Thanks Ido. I've never used a tray though I have always used a lanyard. I figured it was a bit too expensive to go for the whole setup at the minute as I don't know if I'll like it or not. I decided that I'd want to try it with the side supports as I'm a pinch flyer so I'm looking at like 100 all in for the tray with the strap. I've ordered a strap as I don't fancy getting the needle and thread out to try and make one but I'm going to knock something quick and dirty up for a tray to see if I get on with it. I think if I do I'd invest the money in the tray as it's not the sort of thing you'd need to buy more than once. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

Originally Posted by jimbo320 View Post
Nothing but rain here,so i spent a few hours on the sim instead, practicing right rollers, i can do left rollers but right are pretty alien.
I think ive figured out the timing bit, the late timing is used with the rudder to 'actuate the turn'. Do you use the rudder as the primiary turning method and apply it late to 'steer' it round the circle?
I tend to do more with the rudder than the elevator now but to start off with it was the other way round, I hope to bring it back a bit so they both just blend in to the roll.

If your doing late timing I guess your doing what I call an inward rolling circle, i.e. rolling right and turning right or rolling left and turning left, rolling into the circle. It took me a while to get the one, I always found an outward rolling circuit easier than an inward. I see an outward rolling circle as bringing the timing forward rolling left and turning right or rolling right and turning left, rolling into the circle.

Now if only I could get my head round rolling loops surely it just the same thing but turned on it's side, give it the guns on the way up and come off it on the way down. I'm still gettin up and over the top but my brain freezes on the way back down. I've attempted hundreds of them and maybe got four or five that looked reasonable.
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