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Hi Guys

A short update to my woes, the new cowl turned up so that was good the weight of the model was down to 58oz which I think helped with the way it’s flying. Unfortunately I managed to rip the under carriage off the only spare I had was from a extinct Eratix so what with the repair plus some blocks of ply to bring the recess out flush the weight is back up to just under 60oz.
Also one of my fellow flyers came up to me yesterday and jokingly said have I put the wings on the right way round, I gave him a puzzled stare and he pointed out the right hand wing has a flatter top profile compared to the left wing. I picked the model up and had look and he was right although the difference is subtle it looks almost as if someone and run a sanding block along the top of the outer third of the wing ribs.
Now I don’t know if this would have any affect on the flying but would it be possible if this is what’s giving me some of the quirky behaviour.

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