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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
There seems to some sort of agreement with HH that JR cannot sell its lower priced transmitters that are 8 channels or less in the US. At the same time, it seems that Spektrum brand trasmitters are prevented from selling its lower end transmitters in many countries overseas. Therefore we got cheaper 6 and 7 channel JR transmitters over there that were never sold in the US.

JR has now dropped all Spektrum compatible protocols completely. That means something like the AR7200BX cannot be used. Obviously there are people with lots of DSM2 receivers around so there is definitely still a market for Spektrum transmitters. But they really need to make their BNF products much more popular over here.

Although 300X and 450X looks quite good, I don't think they are sold over here at the moment for exactly the same reasons as larger Walkera helis. For one, labour costs are still not that expensive over here and many prefer to ask their LHS to build and set up their helis from them. I had my 250 and 450 built this way.

It seems that WL Toys is going to released a 100 FBL CP. There is a lot of anticipation on whether it will do as much damage to competitors as it did with the V911 and V929

I can tell you right now, if they make a "nano" sized CP. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy one. I'm sure it will be half the cost of anything else on the market and just as, or more durable. Thats looking pretty good for them so far.

Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
I fly my 300X with a JR9503, so yeah I can confirm that it works fine. ALL DSMX receivers can listen to a DSM2 signal. Eventually we may see one that doesn't, but it hasn't happened yet. JR is more expensive, but it has more features too. Spektrum didn't make a 9-channel radio when I bought the JR. I'm also using the JR radio with the micro stuff like the 130X, and it all works great.
Yeah, i hear the 300X is pretty good for a $75-80 helicopter. Which is about all it's worth once you remove the Spektrum AR7200BX. I don't know if you can build one from parts for that cheap though. If you can, it's SO worth it. But i bet the parts are marked up a little higher. I've been thinking instead of buying my next AR7200BX i will just get a 300X and crash it, then put the BX on my V450D01. Maybe later upgrade the 300X to CNC parts or something. It would give me the opportunity to review the heli first hand at the least. But over all these new blade heli seem like excellent crashers! Meaning, cheap to fix and still flies great because of the excellent gyros they have. If you live in the US, i have no doubt, just because of the LHS support you can get and parts locally, etc. That as far as big helicopers go, i would rather go buy a 300X/450X then a v450D03, even if they cost 3X as much. I would still feel this way. But i've been badly scorned by Walkera on multiple occasions. So it's only natural to avoid them i think. It makes me wonder how these helicopters would do in sales if they were sold over seas in hong kong and other places. If Horizon established a home base over there and a warehouse i'm sure they could do quite well. If they would offer support and warranty from their local warehouse.
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