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Originally Posted by BAF23 View Post
Just one more question. Having spend so many hours detailing the T6, DC3 and Stearman I have no desire to experiment on those aircraft (delicate landing gears). I initially thought testing those gyro's out on my funcub, but not wanting to each time take the wing off, and the limited accessibility of the receiver compartment led me to consider the use of a straight out of the box assembled FMS 150mm P51Mustang taildragger to get used to the gyro's. That airframe is rather forgiving and offers excellent accessibility through the huge cockpit to install or remove the gyro system or make adjustments to the gains even on the runway.

Does anybody has experience with testing out and fine tuning the gyro's on one airframe, then installing them on a different airframe hopefully only requiring minimal gain changes (but with already a solid response). What I had in mind was getting all three gyro systems first installed one by one and adjusted in my (relatively expendable and not so critical) P51, then move each of them into the 3 more critical models. The fact the P51 flies on 4S and the other three on 3S shouldn't affect the gyro's because they are powered by the reduced voltage from the Spectrum receivers. Anything wrong with those ideas?
Each plane will be totally different from the next regarding gain settings so you may be lucky and get a close match but it usually takes a few flights of tinkering with the gains to get them as you will want them.

Each plane will have its own built in stability, and response to controls. The P51 will be less stable and more responsive than the cub and the dc3 should be the least responsive so all will need custom settings.

The good thing about them is they are small so can be shoe horned in here and there where there is access, remember it doesn't matter where they go in or outside the plane. You could for instance velcro one to the top of the wing in the cub, fly then adjust, fly adjust and when happy fix it all inside in its permanent location.

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