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Originally Posted by mhills51 View Post
Here it is from amain, You can use the part number to find it else where.

maybe it's time to look at a new motor. Most guys have found the align 500mx to be equal or better than the scorpion 1600. I have not seen anyone talking about any better motors right now.

For speed with a 12t and full battery no load your looking at 3665, but the calculator I use take into those factors. Under load you could see 3200 and that is what the Align 500pro manual list as well.
I've not seen the Trex 500 Pro manual, but all their other manuals seem to show headspeed right at the start of the battery.

For example, you would need 4.2v per cell, and 100% of the motor rpm with no reduction for any load to get 3665 with a 12t / 132t setup.

Realistically, even at zero pitch, you will only get about 90% of the theoretical motor rpm, and that will drop under load at high or low collective, or with tail inputs, especially right tail. So I would estimate zero pitch HS ranging from 3150 at the start of the battery to 2900 at the end, if using a flat 100% throttle curve, and loaded headspeed to be about 2800 dropping to 2600.

Maybe I just use crappy battery packs, but my flight data logs seem to show a loaded voltage per cell of about 4v dropping to 3.7v.
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