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Wow, thanks for all the great info Sam! Looks like lot's of options to consider. As far as the speed cowl versions, I guess I would like to start with the one that seems to be common in Glenn's photo's (with the Nagel sliding canopy). Let me see how that goes and then I guess I could try a different style ... if there is enough interest (I need to make a new mold for the standard "smiley" cowl...pulled nearly 30 cowls so far and stating to wear it out ) I also want to make a fiberglass fuselage available at some point. I never realized that there were so many Swift lovers out there I don't think that I will do the GC-1A cowl that you show Sam. I have enough trouble getting the 1B grill to release from my mold! I also worry about the narrowness of the grill work, and to be honest I am a bit worried about the present guys let me know how it goes after you have had a chance to "dremel" out the grill slots. I'm worried that the narrowness of the material between the slots my be too weak...I had considered putting some carbon tow in there to help stiffen it may want to do this as a precaution. Let me know.

I spent a bit of time looking through my dad's old documents and found a few things on the 1/3 scale GC-1B that he was a typical "modeler" he had 10 projects going on at the same time and never finished the drawings. I think that I am going to try to scale up the 1/4 version to 1/3 scale and make a cowl plug for that. With a 117" wingspan and 6" wheels I think it would be perfect for a DA-100 or DLA-111.

Flyinucrazy...I never received your email (I think you may have misspelled my name). I am sending you a PM.

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