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Originally Posted by Prof100 View Post
I am not surprised, just disappointed in lipo makers not supporting a reasonable way of judging the quality of their cells.
Some are, but most understandably will not. has started quoting measured performance data on their Spyder packs, which I find exceptionally commendable.

Many other vendors hide behind ridiculous 'C' ratings that most modelers have no way of verifying. The 'C' rating is their snake oil that helps them sell packs. Put a higher number on the label, charge more $$, vendor wins. This ridiculousness is the primary motivation behind the Lipoly Performance Database. Having performance data in one place that can be easily verified by the modeler levels the playing field significantly and separates wheat from chaff.

I added the poll to the Database thread a few months back to see if folks felt it was helpful and am encouraged that many do. There are a few who have also registered their displeasure that objective data is being compiled. Perhaps they've something to hide?

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