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Originally Posted by funkis_jackson View Post
Guys I really need your help!

I'm fed up with the bad documentation about the Ground Station settings.
Could someone please explain in a short manner, what the different settings in the tables does, and how changing them affects flying?

I would also like to see your own settings that you use on your quad-copters.
Maybe a print-screen on how your settings look like, that would be really helpful.

Thanks for a quick reply!
Best regards,
Euhm hard to explain for my in englisch, lets say basic autolevel.
wen your quad is level you got a set value(200) in the graph
now you pitch the quad forward now your set value is lets say (250)
Wen you release the stick it should come back to autolevel so the set value needs
to come back to (200).
This wil be done with the values (PID) in groundstation. the higher the number the
faster the quad wil come back to auto level,but this come sith curtain effects.
But therefore you need more understanding from how P wil react and I,D.
i sugest you read this and look at the graphs on the page and you wil see wen you set the value to high it overshoots or occilates....

Originally Posted by bassam View Post
it's almost flying because there was too much drifting ..

how can i fix this drifting ???

i am new with RC Multicopter i have hexacopter set . when i arm and move throttle up it direct flip or fly with high drifting to right

any suggestion ??

thanks agin

Hmmm,Did not had a problem with flipping it wen taking of, mine just goes right into the air,but then drift if i remember correct also to the right and a little to the back,so i am wondering,should the accelerometer not pick up this drift and compensate?
So i tried to see how level the FC was to the quad and the quad to th floor, now wen i take the quad in the air now it flys forward.
Try to see if al is level, else level the quad out and recalibrate the gyros,accel.
also try with trims to the left. see what that does.

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