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First flight went well- (that is, up until I lost it in the sun after about ten minutes of flying... it was certainly not a problem with how the aircraft is flying, but with my aging eyes, I'm sad to say...) Prior to that incident the flight was very good, from the first launch & climb-out. After initial trim fine-tuning & cruising about, I adjusted the throttle > elevator mix setting on my RD8000 transmitter during successive full throttle climb-outs to minimize the zoom on climb.

I found the glide efficiency performance good; elevator, aileron and rudder response is clean and effective, typical of other similar 2 meter gliders I've built & flown.

Climb performance of the stock motor with the 10.5 x 6 prop was certainly very adequate for what I was looking for with the Phoenix 2000; the stock motor & ESC that came with this Version III kit (shipped from the H.K. USA warehouse in early November 2012) are performing as they should in a 41.5 ounce glider. (The 3S 1800 Nano-Tech battery packs are known for holding a high voltage under load, and that might contribute to having decent climb-out performance too. It's not a competition or race type design, after all.)


Maybe the ESC that's being produced and supplied now is built better than what was produced for the early versions of the kit... that's a possibility. And maybe investing the extra efforts to provide adequate cooling airflow through the motor and mounting the ESC to the underside of the battery tray for adequate cooling are something that's a good idea, no matter which motor and ESC you choose to fly.

I intended to set up & fly this 2 meter EPO winged glider primarily for thermal hunting & efficient power-off gliding- to be able to climb up to about 400 feet AGL in about 20 seconds, shut down the motor, & glide, using whatever rising air I encounter. I'll fly it on the slopes, too, where I expect it to handle well.

NOTE: The canopy fits in place beautifully, & should stay in place nicely. However, the left edge still protrudes enough to catch the very sharply shaped leading edges of the Aero-Naut folding prop blades which I'm using; the quick remedy is to apply a strip of 1/2" wide clear scotch tape in the area before launch. I may see about sanding that edge of the canopy thinner at the area where the folding prop blade catches, to eliminate that issue, & eliminate the need for applying the tape. (The canopy may actually need some careful heating & narrowing on the front end to really clear the prop blades.)

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