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Hello mattconn24,
I used Japanese glue which ingredients: styrene-butadiene rubber (43%),organic solvents(57%), cyclohexane, acetone.
I have no special method using for the joint area, just joined cutting surface together.(by edge to edge).
But joint area need to be reinforced by micro glass cloth around 20mm width on each side and also both upper & lower side.
(Refer attached pic:you can find the condition for the jointing area.)
And you need to reinforce same way for the DLG peg area.(Refer attached pic)
And also for the center joint area, you have to join them using epoxy and micro glass cloth for the reinforcement as well.
You can use same glue as above but epoxy is stronger & reliable, however little bit heavy so you need to take care not too much applied.
After this treatment, using covering film ( in my case used E-light from OK models : alternative film can be Oracover light) for the final reinforcement.
If you use this film for control area you do not need to use special hinge material because this covering film works as hinge.
(When you carefully check attached pic, you will find there is no hinge tape on it)
I hope above info. could help you.
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