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Hi Don, thanks for he interest and help. Well spotted, the head is on upside down but I had just slid it back on for the photos. When I tried to fly the blades span CCW (or anti-clockwise for us Europeans) with the hardwood leading edge forwards and lower than the trailing edge (negative pitch).

Been through the thread again and looked up loads of stuff, checked the negative angle of the blades (spot on – 10 degrees using my helicopter pitch gauge, mast is raked back by 10 degrees, the C of G is 2 – 4 mm in front of the mast and there is no side thrust on the motor. This thing should fly!!!! The only thing that I can now think of is the weight. I just put all of the bits onto the scales and came out at 155 Grams (5,5 Oz) which I think is quite light and if I am honest the tail feathers are slightly flexible (stiff enough for a Shocky but more force is at work here).

Could I just have too low a disk loading for:-

a) The conditions at the time, i.e., a breeze and
b) The speed which I got the blades spinning at??

The model defiantly shot up out of my hand but flicked straight over, maybe too much lift for the weight making her instable??

So, new undercarriage (I modded Al’s design to produce a very light useless wobby mess  which will not support the weight of the model), a new rotor and I am going to try a ROG take off from concrete with a lager battery (800 mAh 2 Cell to replace the current 350 mAh 2 Cell). This should allow me to get the blades up to the correct speed (like when she lifts off on her own) and if she is then un-flyable in the air it must either be a too stiff rotor head, flappy tail feathers or the C of G, right??
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