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Originally Posted by OldeMan View Post
In the flap/spoiler links you posted... one comment made me really smile. It went something like this: "I'll trust anyone who says 'Here's what works for me', sooner than any guy who says, 'I've been in this hobby for 20 years.'" I love that. I have enough background to know what "looks about right"... and zero experience to back it up with "and it works for me".

I need to be in the air.

Hmmmmm .... a LOT of people on these boards have very, very little experience in the hobby. Thousands of posts and they will tell you in a hurry what works for them but, they have only been in the hobby for a year. Us '20 year' guys have a lot of background knowledge and experience that we use to make our decisions with. There is a difference in Googling 'aerodynamics' and getting the five minute answer to a question and actually reading a book and studying the subject. A lot of us old guys here are not five minute pilots.

Your correct about you needing to be in the air. Go out and fly your plane, figure out what you can and can not do with the plane and what the rates are that you need for your control surfaces.

Understand that this plane flys past and can easily land hot if you are not careful. My 25 years of experience say to go with spoilerons, but that is a preference.
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