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Originally Posted by Creepy1 View Post
If anyone needs to "take it easy" it's you man. Lose the attitude, and you'll enjoy the hobby much more. If not I'd suggest you find another hobby for you, and your boy. Have a great day!
Hey thanks for your advise you know what they say about options ?? Loo. All I'm saying is I like quads but my sons loves them I love my 3dhs AJ and extras . Quads are fun but I'm happier flying a 3d plane or a $50 foamy Name: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353333061.087584.jpg
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Description: or Name: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353333080.265407.jpg
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Description: and in the mean time I've found one of these to build for my son with one of my cc3ds Name: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353333155.955039.jpg
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Description: so no hard feelings to anyone but when you apologize5 times for a simple mistak and your ignored for trying to buy your little boy a quad for his Bday and he's going threw so much right now with not seeing his mom now in 12 days might be 13 I've lost count all I wanted to do was get him another quad and it would have been here by the time the slow boat from china comes with the motor I need to fix this quad but I sold this to a buddy that going to use the parts and redesign the hole thing with the billet arms I'm having made from 7071 . It's just I'd like to try And make my own frames and then when we need parts I can have plenty . And I guess I like that USA metal lolo . Chris builds a great quad and he can fly the crap out of it and I don't have any hard feeling towards him but it hurt my sons feeling when he found out that our " we want a cnc version " post was deleted and got no response to my Pms and my many apologies and all over a $20 pay pal mistake that was 100% my fault . And I sent $ for a few motors and I got talked to like a kid for that so I did not say anything but IM SORRY AGAIN !!! How many time do YOY HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE YOUR SORRY FOR A MISTAKE ?? And then were ignored like we are nothing . Fine do me like that but heck don't take it out on a kid that's happy he thought he was going to get a new version !!! He watches chris video and build threads and reads the Armattan more than I do . He got hooked on the 929 then we say the Armattans and so we got 1 and I struggled with a 9x that was later determined to be defective and it caused me and him to crash and it bent a motor shaft and I didbt see it and everybody was trying to help THANKS and I posted pic and I didn't catch it and that's why it was acting crazy so I replaced 1 arm and thought that would do it but it still would t fly like it should And tech ( mike) just happens to see the bent shaft and so I went to order 2 motors and pay Chris both and while I was on pay pay I sent my Rc Payment twice and Chris nothing and I told Chris Paymebt sent well payment was not sent to Chris so when I emails him back I told him what happen and I thought he was acting a little testy when he speaks to me and he's told me 3 times he does not sale part and I said AGAIN IM SORRY. Now I'd have to go look at all the emails of exactly what was said and I'm sure it's my fault but he stills talks to me like he's just pisses off the hole time . And I understand he's busy hell so am I but I was trying my best to tell him I was sorry many times and I even told him what all I was going threw I'm my personal life that causing me so much stress to let him know it was nothing to do with him or was it intentionally!! But my best guess is I made a comment to him that was made clear this was not a big deal to me or this $20 was not my 1st priority with all the things going in in my life and I'm guessing he was offered because I has no intentions of prioritizing this transaction because I knew I'd get it fixed as soon as possible. But there again I think he felt like he should have been the main priority for me at that moment but he was not . So he sent my $20 bank and a email saying just keep the parts a d he was done with us that he wanted no further dealings with us so I resent the $20 and yet another apology and tried my best to explain to him all the stress we are dealing with but yet again he did not acknowledge any of my emails or apparently will not accept any of the many many apologies I have sent him through emails and PMs . So what am I to do if you admit your wrong and apologize 4 times for making a mistake and yet that's not good enough so I'll just sold it and was talking to my uncle that has a Machine shop with the best cnc machines money can buy ABD told him this was happening from my crashes and asked him to make my son a few extra arms so he said HELL I'll make you a frame anyway You want it from 7071 billet and that's what are going to do . I will not sale them but I Will make a few to give to a few guys on open pilot that are truly a family and let them try and do some testing . I will have a new frame or 2 in a few weeks and as You know once You make the 1st one then You can make a 100 in no time but I'll only make a few for my boy and a few for some guys on open pilot to try out . It's nothing much to them really others than choosing strong light metals and 7071 is one of the strongest and lightest billet You can get but we have huge 10ft 10" around bars of it and we will use a sheet of billet for center plates . So no hard feeling Armattan quads are bad ass but I'm not good enough to own one so I'll make my own using what I've learned so far and we be flying after Christmas and I'll have to figure out something else to buy my single his Bday 12/20 and all he wanted was a new cnc Armattan quad but he couldn't understand why the list kept getting deleted so I told him mr Chris abs I hand a simple misunderstanding and daddy made a mistake and daddy apologize for or five times to Mr. Chris and mr chris would not except in me of my apologies from emails and p.m. And he would not sale me a quad for his Bday . So that's it and thanks to everyone that tried to help us and are glad we learned what little we did and we now now where to buy our parts And we are going to build our own frames . I just fell bad for my son because he wanted a Armattan cnc for his Bday but that's not going to happen but I'll make sure he gets a great quad !!! These frames if I had to buy the material would be $00 but it want be but $15 for some hardware . GOOD LUCK GUYS and like I said Armattans ate great quads but I'll only apologize so many times !!
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