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Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
His units made sense - 0 is the lowest temperature he could achieve with certain salts and water, and 100 was his target for human body. Nothing wrong with them. Besides, they all convert to one another easily enough.

What I like about trainer mode is putting it on a different switch, like A, so I don't have to hold the pushbutton in. Then as soon as I move the sticks, I have control again; I don't have to think to release the button and then grab control any more.

And best of all, my finger doesn't get sore!

@Andy (or others who may have an opinion),

I noticed in another post that you said you used switch A for your retractable gear (at least on that aircraft) which make sense. If you have an aircraft with gear however, which switch do you then use for the trainer?

I really like the idea of using something other than a momentary switch for trainer, especially with Pilot link Master, and have therefore been using Switch A. Since I use the other 2 position switch (H) for throttle cut however, that means I use a 3 position switch for gear. Just curious what you and others do. My brain is simple enough that I'd like to not have things be too different between aircraft and so am just looking to see what ideas others have.

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