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Originally Posted by Eric Giorgiantonio View Post
Hey Petey,
I am so sorry for you, I think we should start a Foam-Drive charity right here on RCgroups, Imagine the commercial... it opens up, we see a man (Petey) sitting on a bench at a club field surrounded by about 100 foam planes that he has built in about a month, it's a cloudy, rainy, windy, cold day but still he went out to try to fly,
in the background the camera focuses as it pans wide and we see Petey's wife, in the background holding an umbrella, smiling real big, and she say's in a sweet voice, Hi Honey, Baby, Darling, I am so sorry you can't fly again today, and I also feel so bad that the big brown truck never showed up again with your foam. But you know you have been sitting here for 3 days, it's time to pack up and go home, And Petey looks up at her with a tear in his eye and says: Why, Why oh Why!!! How can this be? I ordered that foam almost 3 weeks ago, where can it be? Petey's wife looks at him lovingly and says, I don't know with an impish smile, and then she says: It's OK I have planned a wonderful afternoon, You and I are going shopping, then out to get something to eat, after that when we get home we can have some special fun together, as she winks at Petey and tilts her head in that way that women do when they want something from their man, and then we see Petey looking up at the sky silently screaming, Oh no!!! not again 2 weeks in a row, I am only a man how many times can I do this????? Help!!!!!!!! and the camera fades away and in the distance we see the UPS guy counting the bribe money he got from Petey's wife, not to deliver to his house, and the scene ends with the UPS driver stuffing the money in his shirt while driving away with a truck load of MPF foam and Petey's face with tears streaming down as he watches the brown truck pass his house yet again, fade to black.......Then announcer comes on and says: Don't let this happen to you donate now to the Foam builders of America and prevent such a cruel thing from happening again. The End...

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What an imagination!
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