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Hi yellowcolorado,
Well I guess that the box is the weakest links, if pushed hard enough, however those who are running the great planes gearbox wit the aammo motors ar running upwards of 1000 to 1100 watts or more in a one case, so dont take the 675 watts limit for the box as an absolute, and no one has reported boxes blowing.
I will be running 600 watts or so on 3s to start with, only because I am an advanced learner only with planes amd I want a " slow" setup to start with, then I will go more prop and 4s within a few weeks, if the box gives up soon I will spend 100 dollars on a bit stronger box, if it gives me a fair run, probably just spend another 40 dollars and put in the same again.
My understanding of the benefits of this set up is less weight, and the fact the inrunner is more efficient, but less torque, so running a reduction with the higher kv allows a larger prop=better flight times. This is my first gear box setup as well, but to be honest from what I have read fere and elsewhere, this box treated falf decently is pretty good for the bucks,.
PS, if I the motor and box arrive this week I hope to maiden on the weekend!! Whoo whoo!!
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