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Originally Posted by eugenechong View Post
had a really bad crash just then on my v450. been flying it for months n first crash. damn! apparently my fren who was flying his ladybird with Devo 7 bind with my 450... I do not know how..... replaced main gear, blades, feathering shaft and ball links.... up flying again now..... but if u guys r using Devo tx n flying with another Devo, pls make sure u check that u have a safe bind....
Originally Posted by eugenechong View Post
so i was using my iphone to post the message yesterday and couldn't really explain what happened.....

now i have a devo 10 tx.beleive it or not.... i HAD 4-5 occasions where the tx bound with 2 of my helis and I COULD fly both of them at the same time....what happened each time was i did not unplug the first heli....i went to choose another model.....turned the tx off....turned it back on with the new model...n plug the second heli on.....(having the first one still with battery attached).....n both were under the same control!!!! i never had such an issue with 2801....but after yesterday's incident of where my fren's devo 7 crossed control my v450....i was actually quite mad at how the hell could these devo txs could have cross frequency binding..... grrrrr.....didn't cost much to repair n only 30 mins of my life....but it was allllll unnecessary.....
Originally Posted by eugenechong View Post
yes it is sort of my bad not having the first heli unplugged. will really have to make it a habit now.... but how could a Devo 7 bind with a ladybird cross controlled the v450 that was bind to my Devo 10....? unless both were set to the same ids....? no idea at all... n funny was my Devo 10 wasn't affecting his ladybird but his Devo 7 is controlling mine n me on the other hand was trying to counter all the funny movements until it crashed.... I've put on a 3gx blades n these blades are just so good compared to the originals.....
Well, it is quite strange if it really happened that way.
Are you sure you could control your v450 with your devo 10, or is it possible, that it was bound only to his devo 7?

In theory the rx cannot be bound to two different transmitters wether they use the same fixed id or auto-bound, because the transmittion is kinda encrypted (XOR-ed) with the rf chip's manufacturer id, which should be unique for each chip.
However you can easily control two or more models with one transmitter if they all use auto binding or have the same fixed id...

About the second message:
Beware, the original devo firmwares stay bound when you change models!
They continue sending the new data with the previous id wether it was random or fixed!
However, even this way, you could control a second model only if it has the same fixed id, because it has very small chance to generate the same id, which it used before, and it won't send binding packages, so only a model with fixed id could "join in".

Make sure your every model using a different fixed id!
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