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Originally Posted by Xrayted View Post
I think it really depends on what your individual needs are. I don't think for a minute the features the Naza has will be the same as the Skookum claims, but do you really need GPS real time while doing 3D or need GPS to function inverted? Some of the claimed features seem to be technology for the sake of it rather than for any real useful purpose. Sometimes simpler is actually more elegant with less things to fail. Hard decks could be useful, but only if at a useful altitude, and once again it doesn't matter what anyone's claims are if they are only claims and never any real product.

For me, a standard 3D FBL unit with the capability to switch into a GPS hold or attitude mode is fine for what I do and will keep me entertained for a while as the technology grows and improves. DJI and Naza are not new at this technology either, so its claimed features are proven and already out there being used today.

These new features will mature quickly just like FBL technology has recently, so what's cool today won't be anything spectacular in two years anyway.

I do some AP so I want something that will navigate me to a location (GPS coordinates) and hold position for some photographs. Will Naza, Align and Skookum all perform those tasks?

I have a simple autopilot that will do that (AMP2) but it won’t fly a FBL helicopter.

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