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Originally Posted by dziedrius View Post
Why it is not an option with MAX7456? At the moment I don't see how those two things correlate, I just thought that MAX7456 will offload main processor, so it will be easier to add.

Haven't checked, but I think MAX7456 does not support VBI, so there's no ability to send data through video channel also - and I guess that cheap EasyCap ripoffs will struggle with VBI decoding.
MAX7456 is designed to overlay graphics in the video. When using a part of the video-signal to transmit data, it would be preferable to "hide the data". Sure, you can still use a microcontroller to output some data, but atm SPI is used by MAX7456, serial by GPS and I2C by extra sensors. Not saying it ain't possible, just not straight forward. As I personally don't use antenna-tracker etc. I don't care too much about extra downlink information. My videolink will provide the necessary information.
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