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Re Pylon Racing

Originally Posted by MSelig View Post
Ok, I see what you're saying now about the 2-pylon case (and how that's not the 3-pylon case drawn in the draft rules). Got it.

For the 3-pylon case, is the drawing below how you would interpret it. I put a box on the base w/ arrow on it. Is this the pilot location for 3-pylon?

How doable/easy is unclear until I look at code. But I first want to make sure I've got the idea right. I will mention that we (one of us) recently did have a look-through of this part of the code ...
You've got it depicted correctly.

I looked at some YouTube videos of Q500 racing using a triangular course. This one shows a pilot's eye view of a race.
Q500 RC Pylon Racing In Mullberry, Fl. (2 min 38 sec)
In this one you can see that it's an option for the pilots to displace themselves away from other pilots as long as they stay behind the S/F line and within the triangle.
Q500 Pylon Racing (4 min 27 sec)

I suppose a good place to put the pilot in a simulation of a three pylon course would be equidistant from the S/F line and a line formed by the base of the triangle and centered on a line formed by the midpoint of the base of the triangle and the apex.

Here is a video of an EF1 two pylon race. It's a little hard to see what's going on in the race because of the distortion of the fish eye lens but it shows the layout of the course and pilot positions.
Electric Formula 1 Two Pole Pylon Racing (3 min 8 sec)

Jack (diceco)
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