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I would have to agree. Without support, Blade is just another plastic thing. At least the 300X and those come with the beastX gyros. Isn't JR more expensive than spektrum though? Are they able to push spektrum out? I was under the impression that JR will operate the AR7200BX Blade heli because it's DSM2? I'm not sure. But it's interesting info.

Yeah, i noticed the TX was the same. I assumed the heli was too. The WL v911 i could smash into a wall at full speed and it would still fly. It was the only FP or flybar heli i ever owned. It's only problem with yaw requiring trim which changed as the pack died.
There seems to some sort of agreement with HH that JR cannot sell its lower priced transmitters that are 8 channels or less in the US. At the same time, it seems that Spektrum brand trasmitters are prevented from selling its lower end transmitters in many countries overseas. Therefore we got cheaper 6 and 7 channel JR transmitters over there that were never sold in the US.

JR has now dropped all Spektrum compatible protocols completely. That means something like the AR7200BX cannot be used. Obviously there are people with lots of DSM2 receivers around so there is definitely still a market for Spektrum transmitters. But they really need to make their BNF products much more popular over here.

Although 300X and 450X looks quite good, I don't think they are sold over here at the moment for exactly the same reasons as larger Walkera helis. For one, labour costs are still not that expensive over here and many prefer to ask their LHS to build and set up their helis from them. I had my 250 and 450 built this way.

It seems that WL Toys is going to released a 100 FBL CP. There is a lot of anticipation on whether it will do as much damage to competitors as it did with the V911 and V929
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