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Originally Posted by G-Forced View Post
I understand but... we were talking about " the effects of rudder used AS spoilerons ( rudder mix ) to recover from a spin buddy..
It doesn't have spoilerons, or the function of spoilerons either. Spoilerons are
a combination of spoilers (a lift killing function + aileron function).
Again, a flying wing has Aileron function + elevator function, and they are combined
together into one control surface type called an Elevon. It's unique to flying wings
(planks, etc).

When a conventional plane spins, you center the ailerons, push down elevator and opposite
rudder (left rudder, for a right hand spin). The rudder is useful, because it's a large
control surface on the end of a long lever arm, that can provide a directional change
at airspeed below that which all the other flying surfaces are stalled.
A flying wing doesn't have any equivalent to the rudder function. It has no
yaw inducing capability.

When the X8 spins, you push full down elevator, and roll *into* the spin direction.
As explained above, this is because it's the only way to combine roll inputs
and pitch inputs together in a single elevon, to drop the elevon on the *one* flying
wing half on the outside of the spin (inside wing half is at center of spin with no airspeed)
in order to cause the front of the wing (and thus the whole plane) to pitch forward (nose down).
If you were to pretend that your roll function were equivalent to a "rudder" and
rudder against the spin, you'll find the elevon on the outside wing is at or above
center, and will pitch that wing up, keeping the spin going forever.

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