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Originally Posted by eric5989 View Post
I crashed my wildcat. It was about 30 feet up, and I lost orientation, and basically flew it into the ground. nothing rally broke other then the plastic cowl and prop, so I thought. after replacing them and doing a good check over everything, I tried to fly it, and it basically no longer has enough power to fly.

Its hard to tell, if you just run it up, on the ground. but when i tried to take off, it basically just skipped down the field. This was at full throttle, with a full battery.

It hit pretty hard on the nose when I crashed. Do you think i should replace the motor? ESC? any other ideas? And If motor are there any cheaper replacements?
Wondering what is up with your power system.
An up grade wakes up Wildcat dramatically.
While I do not have a need for speed, get out of trouble power has saved down time.
Our Wildcat only comes with an 18amp esc! Strange the other birds come with bigger ones.
I suggest 30amps as a min. Make sure the bec will handle your servos.
Your stock analog units do not use much.
Try Heads Up Rc for reasonable prices and CHEAP fast shipping.
There are a few choices in the 480 class around 1000kv. Also high discharge bats that have been great.
Curious to see how you make out with your repairs.
motor turns freely? Lose magnit. Have another bat to try.
Prop backwards is all it takes. Good luck. Chris
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