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So, I've been thinking about what to do with my Devo7. It is really too limited to be worth a Deviation port, so I was thinking of upgrading the screen. It turns out that finding a screen with a backlight that will fit in the chassis isn't so easy, however, I have one of these:
The screen can be detached from the back and fits quite well (though I'm not sure if I can make it touch-enabled because the devo7 has a plastic shield over the display window)
Well, after actually doing some research on the board I have, it is completely unsuitable for use in a transmitter. The ports are wired in a way that they cannot be used as gpio, and too many pins are tied up driving the display.

One option would be to use a different board (I got a teensy 3.0 which probably is up to the job), but it means I need to look for an alternate source for the display. It may be possible to use just the display from the board I have, but that would likely make this a one-off, since the costs would start to get prohibitive.

If anyone runs across a backlit LCD module with driver (color or b/w) with ~1.4"x2.5" display area, and a maximum module width of 2.8", let me know (there are lots of them on ebay, but every one I've looked at has a circuit board that is too wide to fit in the devo7 case. It is possible some have a ribbon cable and can be detached from the circuit board, but you can't really tell from the pics.

The ideal would probbaly be to source the module used in the devo10, but I have no idea where to find one.
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