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Originally Posted by grimbeaver View Post
I find it amusing that you speak of having a standard test but then state you buy MaxAmps. They make some of the most absurd claims about their batteries out of anyone out there and refuse to provide any test data to back up their claims.
I believe you utterly missed my point. I stated, "I'd like to see a standard test that every pack mfg. is required to use before their products hit the market." That would include MaxAmps as well as every vendor peddling lipos. I can't attest to your statement wherein you say they refuse to provide any test data. I've never asked Clint or Justin for test data. Also take take note of the OP query wherein the question raised was, "..wanted to know if any of the high dollar cost > $190 batteries are worth buying?" I merely expressed my opinion on my choice of packs. I never stated any high dollar packs are any better or worse then less expensive packs much less worth buying.

As long as there's no valid laboratory test data to support/validate any vendors claims of performance, then I'm of the opinion it's whatever works for any given individual and their needs.

Until some type of standards are set, it just remains a crap shoot. It's just that simple. Compare this to the electric motors, glow engines, servos, etc. currently in use in todays RC usage. Each of those have a 'standard'. So why not lipo packs? Or any other types of battery packs utilized in the hobby? The door has been left open for any vendor to make any claims they desire to promote their product. Unfortunately, the end user (s) pays the price in finding out a given product doesn't meet the advertised specs. In the meantime, the vendor made a bunch of money for a basically bad product.

I'm not going to promote and swear to one lipo over another. It's just to controversial and subjective. I just know what's worked for me with no issues. Pretty much the same as a lot of others here.

If all the individuals currently in the RC world would care to formulate a group and demand a set of testing standards, then perhaps the end users would have some better choices, better products and better prices to choose from. Until that happens, it's looking like every individual is on their own and those mfgs. with crappy products will continue to proliferate and grab your $$. It's the old divide & conquer scheme and the lipo suppliers have played it extremely well. If you believe I'm wrong, how many packs have you purchased only to 'discover' they were junk? Pardon me, it should read, "less then advertised."

Respective of the OP question, I'm not certain anyone can honestly provide an answer that has no bias in some manner or form.

Just my 25 worth. (inflation )

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