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Inverted flight doesn't matter how tight you get those lap belts, when you start pulling negative G's it always feels like you're going to fall out of the stupid plane LOL
All the dirt and pebbles you brought into the plane via your shoes flies up into your eyeballs (and if it's a cropduster, most likely chemical-laden as well), your wallet and cigarettes fly out of your pocket and into the wild blue yonder, the tools you keep in that little pocket underneath the throttle quadrant hit the mag switch and kill the engine, and that drink that you just opened sprays all over the windshield further inhibiting your dirt encrusted vision (and if it's a cropduster, the seals on the hopper door don't work and spray chemical on the outside of the windshield too).
Fortunately, the roll of paper towels you keep to clean the windshield off have anticipated the issue and are currently unrolling to fill the empty spaces of the cockpit and whipping around in an attempt to clean everything off.
Of course, this is in addition to what happened on takeoff, where the left tire ran over a cow patty and covered your shoulder with steaming globs while the other one flings mud on your right shoulder, the top of your head smeared with blood and feathers from the dove you scared up and flew into the prop, and since there's a crisp wind blowing in the morning...snot running across your cheeks because there is no heater and you're wearing leather flying gloves.
Ah yes, the thrill of an open-cockpit biplane...

Now where was I....oh yes.
The worst maneuver in aerobatics is starting into the box inverted for several seconds then immediately snapping to a 6G pull.
During inverted flight the capillaries in your brain constrict due to excess blood, so when you start pulling positive G's not only does your heart have to pump your blood at 6G's, it also has to do it through restricted blood vessels.
It's only impressive by order of the pilot's health and stamina, not so much visually...
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