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In the case of the X8 you actually want to apply full forward in the direction of the spin, (in the case of this video, full left/down) this ads maximum deflection of the aileron on the wing that is partially flying, then once the nose drops and it begins to fly again just add full down, build speed, pull out. (no rudders on the X8 )


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That was pretty amazing - Opt.. thanks for posting this.

I don't see a stall as such. You can hear the throttle cycling and I think it sound more like loss of RX signal. As I posted some pages back. there is a right way... a wrong way... and a fatal way to try and recover from BOTH types of a stall. One is a standard stall... the other a flat stall. BOTH require power but neither whist is the rotation. What I suspect here is a full power opposite deflection attempt at recover. Bad mistake.

To recap - stall recovery is:

Throttle to minimum

Stick full forward

FULL opposite rudder

rotation will stop...

stick to center

recover from dive.

NEVER NEVER pull up in a spin or add power... this will simply make the spin tighter and you will eather break that plane or ride it all the way to the ground.
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