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Originally Posted by Colbyntx View Post
Not a good trainer. If you just want a warbird trainer get the T-28 or if you want really cool looking and easy, great flying, get the original PKZ F4U Corsair, not the new one. Very easy to fly at fast and slow speed. I also have the F4F and it's not hard but the other 2 I mentioned are easier to learn on.
The parkzone T-28 in the Navy colors may well be a better choice.
ROG lets you have both hands on the TX.
Wildcat is easy to hand launch. BUT it is hard to see!
Loss of orientation is never good.
You will need visual feed back to get the thumbs working.
Everyone I know who has the T-28 loves it.
I went Wildcat because it looked like a better belly lander and I thought it would
handle more wind. While I still do not have the pz, I do have an 800mm Airfield.
It flys great! Much less prone to tip stall and I can gly it farther out than a stock
Wildcat. For that matter I also have the um T-28 which is fantastic. except for the brushed motor.
I tried an E-flight L4 Grasshopper as an aileron trainer.
It is too nice to wreck so got a cheap 48" Super Cub.
a little expo helped.
Thing is the Wildcat (next) was far better!
The light wing loaded high wing units were blown around so much I spent a lot of time reacting to the plane (behind the curve) instead of telling it what to do!
The dihedral in the T-28 and Wildcat help.
I vote for the T-28 in red and white.
You will need a bit of up E applied to turn.
A sim helps.
Ha did not have sim back then.
Good luck! Chris
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