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If you really don't want AS3X then leave the throttle all the way down. AS3X is invoked by advancing the throttle. Once on it can only be shut off by disconnecting the batt. and starting again.

Word is that it can be VERY squirrelly on high-start without AS3X so I'd say use it and save trying non-As3X only on the slope or (maybe) aerotow.

I want to make an electric reel using a micro Heli motor and gears. Considering how fast Heli rotors spin I might have to throttle it!

Winch is probably too much of a pain in the butt since my club field is kind of busy and winch lines are basically invisible and can tangle planes and feet. The high-start is less of a problem since I can stake it so very little lands on the mowed part of the field. I don't think I could run a winch in the high grass.

Instead of a foot switch how about a second Rx for the winch with, say the flap channel to reel in? The ailerons are barn doors so would not make good flaperons and might cause tip stalling. Maybe could be used as spoilerons but why bother. The thing comes down fast enough anyway.

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