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Fun fly flight report

I'll post my personal flight report here, and the general fun report on the other thread. I just dont feel like uploading all the pics tonight. But i had to share some trex 700 turbine pics.

The good news is the turbine did fly today, the bad news is that it flew before i got there... He tried to get it started for a second flight, but something was wrong with the fuel, or the fule line, and it would not start up again. Bummer.... It sure did look cool though. Its not that much bigger that the 600, so if i ever decide to go 'bigger', i'll skip the 700 and go for the 800. But i would have to win the lottery first.

He also had a jr11x or whatever it is that looks just like the walkera devo 12 (without the touch screen). It felt really big, but solid in my hands, and had me thinking about makeing the devo conversion early.

I started out with the 500, and on the first flight i managed to get grass stains on my main blades. Working on my low transitions, the wind pulled a fast one on me, and i managed to scuff the blades in the turf. It was close but no damage done and i was able to finish the pack, and put two more packs through it with no problems.

The 600, now with pro3d blades decided to show that more damage was done when i stripped out the gears and made the hard auto that broke the skids. I noticed a wobble that was getting worse, and today i could not get the blades to track. So it looks like i need to relpace the main shaft and the feathering shaft to get it back to smooth. I still flew a mild 3d flight with a 3300 pack, and its still in one piece.

I also had the SuperV400 but did not fly it because i did not want to intimidate the guy with the 700...

Now that the fun fly is over, and hk has shipped my new 500, its time to start shuffeling some things around and getting things ready for the new frame. The 450 pro w/beastX will be getting setup, and the 500 will be takeing a step back to cmt beld driven fb 'beater' 500 heli. In about two weeks i'll be starting the new 'bling' 500 fbl build.

I'll post a link the brcmp thread once i get all the fun fly photos loaded.

"If i paid $6000 for a heli i would pissed if i could not get more than one flight in a day.... That should start with the push of a button, and be able to fly by itself...."
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