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After a long time on backorder over here in Australia, my Pawnee Xmas present should be waiting for me at the post office now.

I gather from several posts here they can turn out a bit nose heavy, so I'm thinking 6S with a Hacker A40-12L (Kv=410), which weighs 272g, compared to the Power 46 at 290g, or 380g for the Power 60. Should need 870 or 1050W for 14x10 or 15x10 respectively.

I've promised myself I'm not going to buy any more motors, so my other options are Kv=375 Hyperion Zs4025-14, but it weighs 400g, or a Kv=574 Z4020-14 @ 285g, but that'd have to be 5S propped down a bit compared to the 6S choices.

Whichever way I have pack and prop combinations for from 700 to 1000W .

Any thoughts on what combinations of pack weight and motor weight balance nicely? I get the strong impression that with the big wing, a pound or so either way isn't going to make a lot of difference, but I'd like all the weight to count if I can.
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