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Originally Posted by zozer View Post
We have several 2028s running in our club, all on 10S. That's just four packs - two 4S and two 6S. To me that is the best voltage, keeping amps slightly lower so it is easier on the packs, gives longer run times, and the rpm is just fine. Believe me, the motor will not blow up if you run it at 31,000 rpm....but it will never see anything near that rpm on the water with an appropriate prop - logs to prove it. An x462 prop works very well on monos and cats with speeds in the 60s.

BTW, $40 packs that say they deliver 40C do not. But since it is almost impossible for most consumers to check this, pack builders inflate the numbers to sell more packs to unsuspecting buyers. The exact same thing happened with nickel cells, it didn't take the LiPo industry long to learn the ropes......

yeah i know the numbers maynot be accurate but people have ran hese pack with good results. yeah on 10s the only way i can get past the 30k limit is unloaded and in the water it wont get to that rpm. andim gonna go with packs hat people have used. and when buying 12 packs or so cheap helps. heck the 12 packs for 9s lipo i want still costs 600 plus. now try that with other brands and wont cost 2 grand. the zippy packs have been ran my many people and a couple that have posted in this thread use them if im not mistaken and they run just fine. so i am still gonna go with the zippy flightmax packs cause they are good price and have ben used in fe baots with good results.
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