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Originally Posted by RCCrashTestDummy View Post
Okay, I might be able to help. I just went with the Devo 7 and really like it. I wound-up getting it in a combo deal with a Master CP from Banggood for $165 shipped. It took about 3 weeks to get to me though. When looking for the D7, I was finding them for around $100 shipped, so in my eyes I got a Master CP for $65. (I have not flown the CP yet, and I hold BThrisk responsible for this madness...Hahahahaa!)

Onto the batt: The first 3 I ordered were from Value Hobby from here in the U.S. However, it appears they do not currently ship out of the U.S. For those here, it's a really good deal and I like them a lot. 2650mah 40C for $23 ea and shipping was cheap/fast. I forgot to mention; these batts ARE NOT as heavy as advertised. They are actually 231g ea.

The next 4 batts are from a company here in the U.S. that does in fact appear to be willing to ship to you guys in Canada. Actually they are worldwide and have warehouses in China and U.S. I found them through an advertisement here on RCGroups and there's already a thread here on them. Don't bother with the first page because its mostly speculation BS. Just go to the last page and see what they're saying.

I went with the 3000mah 40C/80C burst for $24 I just got them yesterday and have not tried them because of the strom that just blew through. They'll be fine I'm sure. Good communication, price, and fast shipping. Oh and they even threw in 12 free AA batts for my Tx...Just part of the deal. The weight on the Value Hobby batts are lighter and I also suspect but have not confirmed that these are lighter as well somewhere in the 250-260g range. If I get a chance I'll find-out for sure and let you guys know.

I should also mention both batts came with the correct connectors for your Armattan. Damn, I've let the cat out of the bag now.

Props were bought (Gemfans) from Dan. He's the guy that me and Brian pointed out earlier in this thread. If you have any Q's, just fire away...At least until the Raider game starts..

Originally Posted by RCCrashTestDummy View Post
I'm sure the D10 would be fine and I know nothing about the telemetry options/how it works. But, if I could just talk out of my backside for a moment I'll make some speculations. There's no freaking way you're controlling this bird with "instruments" rexless this thing is VERY AGGRESSIVE, nothing like our F45's what-so-ever. And as far as "long smooth flights" well.....I'm just saying you will be to drunk with power to do so...Hahahahahaa!

You'll see what I mean soon enough. I would STRONGLY recommend you drop the stick scaling down to the 40% range until you get the hang of it. Even at 40%, you can stand this thing on it's nose, punch it and it will be waaaaay the hell out there in less than 2 seconds....Hahahahaa you'll see.

Wow, thanks for all that info! I'm researching the 2 sites for batteries, checking on shipping costs etc. I just don't want to get the wrong setup and regret it later. Just being honest with myself, I'll be sorely tempted to take off as far as I can. I've had the F45 out far enough that I couldn't really tell it's orientation. I guess it would be pretty darn hard to fly by instruments but my thought was I'd at least have a chance if I end up out of visual range... well I'd also have GPS coordinates to help.

I'll definitely start at or below 40%. I don't want to blast this around until I get to know it. I am sufficiently afraid and awestruck by what I've seen so far and intimidated by the skill of the pilots from the videos I've seen. I'm going over my head but at least there are tons of amazing people (like yourself) helping n00bs like me out. THANKS!!!
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