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Originally Posted by sonic liner View Post
Wow....Pete's gone out of his way for years to bring all kinds of cool planes and Heli's to our market place. Yes, the ones in your hangar now, remember.

It seems like he cant do enough......gets the " Group "....I mean why even bother.Its a long swim back from China....plane well booking containers on the giant ships that have to be maintained, fueled, insured, crew members paid.....the list must be endless, just like the complaints.

Build a fricken kit....scratch build...dont build....look the other way....change the channel or cork the whine for awhile. He is so busy lately and even helps on the Big jolt funfly to boot, produces countless with these factories....and still has to do all of the day to day chores we all do....even when he is sick !. No one has seen their books....The V7 Petie's came in and sold out in one day........Hmmmm.....go figya.

All of the wizzing and moaning isent going to help this company, or any other company get better....its a slap in the face. Fly the planes you have sitting around that are past their maiden fever stage. Why did you buy them in the first place ?.

Remember he says " Hey pilots " Whats going on at the start of every vidio.

I wonder if you would travel to your LHS and unload on them face to face.....Not.

Happy Holidays Pete !.

Pete Lane
One can only do so much work, good or bad. When you need many more than that.. This company has a D ratting from the Better Business Bureau. They have earned that. I for one belive Pete feels real bad when he must push a junk aircraft but after all his job is to push sale with whatever BH has in stock. sticking it to their customers just before the Holidays is not going to help this company. Don't wonder any longer about me. I for sure would travel to my local hobby shop and unload on them if they took care of me like BH takes care of their customers.

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