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yeah sorry, I'm a little scatterbrained here on this. I have about 50 different spaghetti strands that I am trying to put together. Sorry if it was confusing. This is after I have put in 2250 feet of tile and revamped a back door to my house.

Let me say this. I am concerned that the batteries will push too much current only because I have fried 3 multimeters trying to get readings off of them (directly). I guess I'm gun shy to test on my cluster because it's a $1K piece of equipment, and if I fry it being too cavalier on testing I'm gonna bash my face into the wall.

Thanks for the clarification on the current, I couldn't remember if it force pumps it into it or not. So realistically, I shouldn't rely on the BEC to power the 5v systems? Having to build a voltage regulator to support dual outputs will not be too hard.

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Your question is a bit confusing, at least for me it was, because you seem at first to be concerned with the current ratings of your batteries, but then you ask questions about the various voltage requirements of your system. As far as the current ratings of the batteries are concerned, yours look like they are plenty big enough to power the computer "cluster". The computer and switch, as you may or may not understand, will only draw as much current as they need to work, the batteries won't discharge too much into them. The discharge rate of the batteries simply indicates how much current they can safely provide if the load requires it, not what they will force or pump into the load.

As for the voltage requirements, I'd suggest you build a voltage regulator with the 2 outputs you need (5 and 7.5 volts), and power it with the batteries you have. No need for a separate battery, those four 4S 2200mAh packs will never know the computer and switch are even there.
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