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Originally Posted by ChopperJack View Post

I would be curious to know if HeliGriff has a method for removing the pinion from the shaft of this motor - can't replace bearings without pulling the pinion.
You called?

Remember that stripped main gears saves other, more costly, parts! I wouldn't look for any safety clutches that "save the gears" anytime soon. The heli manufacturers are in the business of selling parts, not saving them. Making harder-toothed gears may actually be a bad idea. Again, if the main gear doesn't strip out, the tail gears will. If the tail gears won't strip out, the servo gears will. Personally, I'd rather pop in a $3 main gear and go fly, than to replace all that other stuff!

Okay, the last time that I pulled the pinion off a V200D01 motor was tricky. No gear puller I've seen is small enough. I ended up clamping a piece of flat steel to the workbench with part of the steel over-hanging the edge of the bench. I placed the pinion on top of the steel and lightly tapped on the motor shaft until the top of the pinion was even with the top of the shaft. With the pinion still on the edge of the steel plate, I then I took a pair of needle nose pliers and placed them on the motor with the jaws on each side of the shaft. Tap lighty on the pliers until the motor drops out of the pinion. There are 1000 better ways to do this but, that's all of the tools I had at the time.
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