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Its Sunday morning and i'm wiped out from four twelve hour days of laying up resin and cloth on the plug. Worst part is the wait and being anxious to what lies underneath all this expensive resin and cloth. Per the photo descriptions it all came out perfect and zero voids. Now that surprised me no end. I guess the new materials that I'm trying really do work very well.

I think the idea of inserting the air valve stems saved my butt on not damaging the plug in the deeper cavities. I simply wedged the outer rim parting plane and heard a small relief crack has the two parts separated. Then I inject compressed air into the valves and received a satisfying crack from the cavities releasing. Then the parts just eased off with no great fuss or force required. On inspection they look really sweet and I could not believe my eyes..... PHEW!!!.

I have the mold parts clamped for further curing then will take pics tomorrow when I have them apart for clean and trim up. The detail transfer is just perfect and I'm ecstatic.

So the next step is to layup a fuselage to use as the template for all the other bits like wings, tail etc. I'm going to tint the resin on this part so that I will see any flaws that may need correcting in the mold. I will also make this a thick and stiff part for alignment purposes with wings and so forth.

Then I will correct any mold issues if any and lay up a pre-production part. that will be used to measure the weight, stiffness, and a template for formers, firewall etc. Then a third one that will be fully assembled and flown. But before I get carried away I will have to layup the mold for the wings.

Please advise to save me time and effort.

What cloth weight and or method do most of you use for the layup? For the rear hinge blocks and sharp corners I'm going to mix resin and micro spheres to fill the sharp cavities and provide a mount for my hinge pin. I think that I will layup this part using my white resin instead of spraying the mold with primer. Any inputs would be very a much appreciated as always.
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