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OK what I meant by open ducting was, there is no separate intake,ie a fiber glass one. Yours just routes through the intakes back to the fan.

FSA calc is pretty simple. You will see (2) green sections. One for shroud inner dia, and bottom one for outside dia of the motor tube. Either metric or imperial measure works. Too make it easy just use metric. Just put those 2 numbers in, it automaticaly does the work. On far right side it will give the exhaust dia for the bifurcated ducts. From 100% to 70%, every 5%.

Bifurcated exhausts don't work that way. If I take my Jetfan 90, at 100% FSA is 77.94mm in dia.(Single) Bifurcated ducts at 100% FSA are 55.11 mm in dia. each!

You will have to measure your fan for any accurate results. Once you know exactly what your FSA is, measure the area of each intake WxL as close as you can. Then add the 2 together and see how that compares the what you fan FSA is. Exhaust is easier, the calc does most of it for you.

It's not 100% accurate, but close enough. Some measuring is involved, but once you figure it out it's easy.
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