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Originally Posted by WestTexasKing View Post
Higher expo means that stick travel in the center moves the controls less, and concentrates max deflection toward the limit of stick travel.
0% expo is the same as not having any expo at all.
Think of expo as an arch, in the center it's almost flat, while the sides begin to exponentially increase the farther out you go.
That means in normal flight you have more room to wiggle the sticks around without banging them to high deflections.
In aerobatic flight it's just a small departure from low deflection to high deflection (so if you're at 50% deflection on the stick, the next 50% till you hit the stop will give it far more travel).
Works out great if you don't need high deflections for anything other than aerobatics.
In other words, the higher the expo (numerically), the slower the reaction time and easier it will be to make fine movements on the stick...which equates to a smoother flight in most cases.
Some people don't like expo, some do, and there's valid arguments for both sides.
I've used 80% expo on some planes, and negative expo on's all about getting the sticks to make the plane fly the way you think it should, or having "balanced controls" as FS pilots would call it.

The lower the number on travel means the control surfaces move less (ie 70% means you get only 70% of the full travel afforded by the servos)

First flight with the new dx6 was good!! Had it's expo set:

Aile 100% / 35% expo
Elev 65% / 35% expo
Rudd 65% / 35% expo

Love this clip, just makes me want to do some inverts

Acrosport II by Wilson Brasil (4 min 26 sec)
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