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Perhaps I was over enthusiastic about Silva and Soares. They make a lot of bad statements but were the one site that showed centripetal acceleration applied to the wing.

ciurpita - I agree that multiple effects can be at play. Perhaps for "Coanda" attachment and the boundary layer.

Gail Craig gave me my first heads up on normal acceleration
John Denker, at least was, based upon the Bernoulli Principle which we can show is not at play.

DPATE - If we look again at that 2V we find that the one v going aft is rhe real velocity of the flow and it is the same one V going fwd that it aquired at the stagnation point

If we look at a wing we see the flow across the top is 1.2 - 1.3 relative to the wing. The true flow over the wing has SLOWED DOWN from the one V it aquired at the stag point
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