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Sadly no, new rotor built and the actuating arm locked down solid. Slight breeze so I ran with the model at 45% and got the blades spinning real good, dropped the nose to just above the horizon and launched. The model just flipped over to the right and crashed. As only one blade was cracked I tried again, ran even faster and tried to push the model upwards and forwards to launch, model flipped over to the right and crashed inverted (total distance about 2 meters away, i.e. straight over and nose dived). Built a new (3rd) rotor head and increased the length of the blades by 1/2” back to the field to try again. This time I trimmed both the rudder and the ‘head’ to the left slightly before running like hell and launching using just over half throttle (I could feel the model pulling gently), launched to an instant half roll right to crash inverted!! All 3 times the model rolled violently to the right and creamed in after just a metre or so, didn’t even look like she tried to fly!!

Here are a couple of pics of my ‘head solution’.

PS:- The first picture shows the bottom of the rotor, the blades do spin anti-clockwise as they should.
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