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Hi, woodenshoe.

I'm afraid that most any scale sailplane with a high aspect ratio will drop a wing in the stall. There are, however, a couple things one can do. The first and best is to just ensure that your plane is balanced both longitudinally and laterally and you keep your speed a bit higher than with a "pure model". Using differential on your ailerons, with more up travel than down, can really help and setting up your ailerons as spoilerons will help a whole lot for landing approaches. Spoilerons, essentially, add a whole lot of washout. At least that should limit the tip stalls at low altitude during approaches.

If one is still having problems one can try to add some washout (i.e. trailing edge a bit higher at the tip). On my ST ASW 28 I originally did this by using clear packing tape across the top of the wing diagonally from the trailing edge at the tip to the leading edge at mid span. Finally, I replaced the stock ailerons with balsa trailing edge stock and was able to sand and twist them to provide a little washout. Mostly though, I've just gotten used to its handling and it's not a big problem. It will still drop a tip abruptly if I screw up but it's so light that it recovers without losing too much altitude and I just make sure to keep my speed up at low altitude.

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