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Blade helicopters were not imported into Hong Kong until last year. HH itself only established an office in China last year. Even then, it was only the mCPX which did quite well for a while. But sales dropped completely when the Genius and MIni CP appeared. So that by the time the mCPX v2 appeared, only one shop was selling it and that was intermittently. That shop actually provided excellent service for the mCPX. The owner could replace blown fets for straightaway for $13 each. Still, it is nothing compared to the service that HH gives in the US. Also, he had to get stock directly from the US which makes warranty repairs very difficult to handle. My experience with the mCPX was not a good one. One of the reasons was that I had a DX4e which was an extremely poorly made transmitter and was not programmable. Eventually I got it to work but found that the parts were very expensive compared to Walkera's.

Now that JR is determined to snuff out the Spektrum standard in Asia, things will probably get more difficult for HH products over here. Obviously, there are people with DSM2 receivers left who will want to buy a new transmitter. But the Spektrum brand is regarded as a rather inferior brand compared to JR. To compete effectively with Walkera, Blade helis need to be sold at a considerably lesser price than MAP in lieu of servicing. For a start, HH should help prospective vendors by allowing them to order directly from China, so that there is a saving in shipping cost. But honestly, without the type of support that HH gives in the US, Blade is just another low quality brand. Certainly, it is not regarded as anything better than Walkera here.
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