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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
Align actually makes a 100 sized FP called the Trex 100 and has proved to be absolute disaster. It is universally condemned as among the worse submicro heli ever made. It was plagued with quality problems right from the start. This is why you don't hear anything about it on RCG. Just on the history of the Trex 100 alone, most modelers would avoid an Align submicro CP. It has basically been seen off by both Walkera and Blade. Eventually a clone of the Trex 100 arrived on the scene that actually flew better and had fewer problems. That is the WL Toys V911 which is now dominating this sector.

The Trex 100 debacle proved so bad that Align shelved the idea of a 100 sized CP. It just proves that it does not necessarily mean that a respected brand can successfully make a submicro CP and compete effectively. The technology and the design is completely different and probably much more complicated. This is a rendering of the Align Trex 100 3G announced in April 2011. The whole project has since been abandoned. Even if Align resurrects it now, it will find that its competitors have moved on.

Interesting. I have never seen anyone talk good or bad about it honestly. I had always assumed that the 100X was at least as good as the WL Toys model. Especially since i've owned the WL Toys model and it was indestructible. Almost quite literally. I figured the double+ cost of the 100X was the reason. Even WL toys warned not to expect the same qaulity as the 100X. I still think if they took the time!! The money and the effort to engineer and test the product properly. They could come up with something viable. But it would come with a high price. So, they choose the path of least resistance. Since they already have a market for their bigger helicopters. Doing micros is basically a whole new venture since most people flying 700 helicopters could actually care less if micros existed. They probably own a few just because they do exist, but they wouldn't be worried if they suddenly all stopped production of micros. They would be okay because they still have their Align or whatever. Meanwhile the micro market, as we all know here. Is a very different market, being mostly dominated by Walkera and Blade. Their approach to the business is VERY different. The amount of support you are able to receive from either company is limited by where you actually live internationally. I just think that Align would rather not get tossed up in this market. Because no matter what a heli so small is going to have some issues that come and go as you fly and crash the thing. Realizing the thing is basically a toy, they probably took for granted that only people in malls would buy it for their kids or something like that. Align probably just didn't put the time in to make it solid and thought it was fine like that because it was "just a toy." In any case, i'm sure Align realized after their first endeavor that this market is much more fickle and expect more from these "toy" sized helicopters then they want to invest to produce a standard in quality necessary to also keep their bigger heli fliers happy. Maybe in the future. But something tells me if they had a flop like that, they will take their time and do it right next time. Again, not like Walkera at all.

Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
You do realize what you're saying right? Every post advocating Walkera products reads like this: "It's great but you have to fix it first"

What is up with that?
Every helicopter from micro to 800 size to true scale helicopters have problems. True fact. They are all different, with different issues. Most require maintenance regularly.

There is NO DOUBT that owning a Walkera model is usually a double edged knife, so to speak. The v120 comes stock as a fairly solid heli, IF you already know how to fly and don't have fall leaves flowing all around the heli. Because one leaf though the tail rotor or a slight tap on the concrete and your going to strip those tail drive gears in the TT. It gets very costly and very annoying. A simple 3rd party modification of the tail will eliminate that problem. Again a slight 3rd party modification using a sheer pin on the main gear will eliminate you from replacing any gears most of the time. This makes the V120 one of the most durable and best learner helicopters i can think of.

All other competitors in this size are, well problematic also. Like i said all have issues. Now the 130X flies excellently but it has all kinds of vibrational and tail resonance issues. Which are addressable as well. The difference here is will you, living in the US, have Horizon keep fixing and replacing your heli? Having it down for weeks at a time is no way to learn thats for sure. So you end up buying the parts and maintaining the heli yourself anyway, just like a Walkera. But the v120 requires less maintenance and has no flight issues, vibes or tail resonance, most of the time.

So honestly...
Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
You do realize what you're saying right? Every post advocating Walkera products reads like this: "It's great but you have to fix it first"

What is up with that?
I think you answer your own question here. If everyone says the same thing, it must be one of two things. 1. It's true. Or 2. Everyone believes the lie.

Yep, if your going to do 3D and want to continuously flip the heli it will also require an upgraded motor and maybe other parts like blades. But the stock motor is not horrible. If you know how to fly and are not going to crash and get your tail in a mess, you don't even "need" the slipper clutch and sheer pin. But they will save you money in the long run.

The truth is i drive a Honda because they are reliable and 10 years later it still drives. It only had a 3 year warranty. My uncle bought a Kia 12 years a go and it came with a 10 year warranty. In the 10 years he's had to miss work multiple times, rent a car, and basically cost himself more money in the long run. Because the car was not reliable, the warranty was. Meanwhile after my warranty was up, at my own fault most likely, i damaged my transmission. Honda had a longer drive train warranty or some such thing and they gave me a new transmission at 1/3 the cost. I was in the shop once for a "break down" in 10 years. Meanwhile my uncle's kia was there every other year for something. Even if it was just a leaking door seal or something stupid. This is how i see Blade helicopters in some ways. They have a great warranty but their helicopters proove just as problematic if not MORE problematic than other brands. But still, in most places of the world. It's better than the zero support and replacement that Walkera has in most places. Okay so maybe they will replace a TX or RX or something, but thats about it. Otherwise it's your very kind Walkera Distributor eating the costs because he realizes your return business is worth more then the single replacement. IF you happen to be lucky enough to get such a distributor. In many cases Wowhobbies has done right by me with some item replacements. However i have spent lots of money with them also. So i'm sure it's important for them to keep my business. So far they have. I can't say too much bad about them at this point. But Walkera on the other hand.. Different approach all together.
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