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I have bought four V120D02S and all flew perfectly out of box. With the last two, I don't even bother to check anything before the maiden flight which I flew 3D straightaway. Not only that, the heli from the first batch did not fly that different from helis from subsequent batches. I have now had more than 1000 flights with it and it is so reliable that I don't even bother to do pre-flight checks. I don't think anybody with a 130X can have as little maintenance as a V120D02S. Whereas my M120D01 was my worse Walkera of all time, although many others have had great success with it. I also had lots of trouble with the 4G6 and 4G6s. But you must remember that they were the only submicro CPs at that time. If they were not available, the chances are that something like the mCPX would have been seen at a much later date.

The truth is that most of the problematic helis are no longer produced. With any low price brand, you are bound to have some good products and some bad ones at the same time. You cannot condemn entire line as bad and or say that an entire line is good.
The current line up since the Genius CP is pretty solid. They also hired more than 100 highly qualified engineers and technicians through Hong Kong last year. It was also reported that they poached staff from other well known companies as well. So basically it is quite a different company from a few years back.
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