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Thanks earlwb. The pictures show you are right. There is no pressure regulator in the carb. I did also disassemble my carb to be sure. Mine looks exactly like the pictures above. The whole pressure regulating thing is done int the "pump" device.

I did have a closer look at the NGH motor, and from the port and the timing it's clear that is a high performance device. The intake closes way after OT, that is the reason it spits gas from the carb at low rpm.

Btw a liter of glow fluel is 20$ here (17 swiss francs), a liter of gas is below 2$.

Originally Posted by turk1 View Post
GT9 carb has much less suction at WOT than lower throttle ranges ... wonder if exhaust pressurized tank system will work better
Dont know if its outdated. After reading your sentence 10 times i finally did understand. I think you are partially right with your pressure analisis of the glow carb.

Now your idea of pressurizing the tank wont work. On the way to the carb there is a pump and a regulator making the pressure zero regardless of what it is in the tank. The point to pressurize is the reference pressure hole in the pump/regulator assembly. It's the sideways hole in the cover with the 4 screws. The pressure in this tiny hole determines the fuel pressure going to the carb. Connect this hole to the exhaust and you will have fuel squirting into the carb at full power.
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