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Originally Posted by jsflyrv View Post
You're going to start selling quads and you don't even know how to fly one yet?
"you get what you pay for" all I can say is WOW.
Did it say I was going to start selling quads??? I said I'm going to make my own frames !! NOT FROM TAWIAN METAL !!! Or CHINA !!! USA 7071 billet and I can fly Well I only had issue with the Armattan because I wasn't use to fkying a quad with 4 times as much power !!!! I've only seen Chris fly the quads as a performance style !!!! Can you show a me video of anyone flying those 2600kv motors small quads like Chris ????? Anyone ??? Chris is bad ass fkying his quads And says there performance and not for a toy !!!! There just to over powered for me to start with and I thought I could calm it down but you can't stop 2600kv x 4 lol . Dude Chris builds a bad ass quad I'm just going to build my own frames !!!! I like my Arnattan but I want something billet and 7071 and I have a lot of this in roll stock and have a uncle that will make me anything . I want be selling them there just for me a few of my friends on open pilot. I never said I was going to starry selling them and never says anything bad abou Chris other than I'm not going yo kiss ass for a quad for my sons Bday !!! I can get him about anything Rc and he seen the new Armattan that morning when Chris started opening up Orderd and I had to tell my 11yr old son that has not seen his mom in 12days now that Chris will not build him a quad because he's pissed about a $20 mistake that I paid him twice and if you dont say the right thing to Chris or " DONT LISTEN "then he will be all done with you . So I'll build my own. IM NOT KISSING NOBODIES ASS!!!!!! But I apologize to him 3 -4 times and he just does not respond so I'm done . !!!!
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